Receive files in your Google Drive.
Free & secure!

Quickly create secure upload pages with PigeonFiles to allow anyone to upload files to your Google Drive.

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How it works

Step 1

Create an upload page

Step 2

Share the page URL

Step 3

People upload to your Google Drive

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Quick & easy

Create sharable forms in seconds.

Secure & private

We don’t access any of your files! Uploaded files are sent directly to your Google Drive.

No login required

People don’t have to log in to upload.

Track files uploaded

See who’s uploading files with your personal dashboard.

Receive large files

No limit on the size of uploaded files.

Password protected

Secure your upload forms with a password.


  • Unlimited upload pages
  • Receive large files
  • Uploaders don’t have to log in
  • Collect uploaders’ details
  • PigeonFiles promotions on upload pages
  • Upload pages expire after 1 week
$0.00 / month
  • Optional page expiry dates
  • Remove PigeonFiles promotions
  • Password protection
  • Email notifications
  • Embeddable widget
  • Remove PigeonFiles branding
  • Dedicated customer support
$4.99 / month
Bill monthly
Bill yearlySave 28.5%


Do the uploaded files use my storage space or the uploader's?
You are the “owner” of the files. That means that the uploader can’t delete them later, and that the files use up your Google Drive storage space.
How do I share my upload pages with people?
Each upload page has a unique link that you can give people for easy access.
Do I have to share a “PigeonFiles” URL link with uploaders? Can I share a custom URL with my own domain?
You can embed a PigeonFiles uploader widget on your own website so that you can share your own branded URL link with uploaders. This feature is available on the Premium plan.
Can I choose where files are uploaded in my Google Drive?
Absolutely! You can choose a different folder for each upload page too.
Can I set the upload page to only accept certain file types?
Definitely. You can choose from “Images”, “PDFs”, “ZIPs” or accept “All file types”. Need something added to this list? Just let us know!
Can people send multiple files at once?
Yes indeed! There is no limit on the number of files that can be uploaded each time.
How do I cancel my subscription?
We use Stripe to handle payments. Just click "Billing" from your account menu to cancel.